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About Donate-A-Piece

Donate-A-Piece is a non-profit company that is aiming at using chess for developmental purpose at schools and in public areas across South Africa.

For 12 months starting from May 2015, Donate-A-Piece is planning to:

> Distribute 1,000 garden chess board throughout South Africa in 2015-2016. These large chess boards create an interest to watch chess games by large number of people or public and environment for discussing the game at hand without interfering with the players and create environment.   The pieces are suitable for the players 5year and above, since they are made of light material.


    Donate 100,000 tournament size chess sets
    10,000 chess demonstration boards


    To equip the schools with the chess sets for team and individual players to practice and play chess games, in order to improve the standard of chess playing and preparation for chess tournaments (local, provincial and national).
    Organising inter school chess tournament at local; provincial and national levels.

We believe this project will be a progressive touch on the development of many children and adults across South Africa.  However, the success of this great project is heavily dependent on the sponsorships and donations of time and funds from individuals and companies.
Donate-A-Piece is looking forward to this long exciting development journey with you….

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